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Sign up for OpsNow


Sign up for OpsNow


1.  Overview

This quick start guide walks you through the steps of joining and accessing

OpsNow service. The first person who join the service will be appointed as ‘admin user,’ and others can sign up for OpsNow only via invitation email sent by the admin user.


2.  Signing Up

Here is how you can get started in OpsNow.

           Open and click Sign Up button.


           Fill out required fields and click Next button.



           Choose a language, and accept Terms and Conditions by clicking the checkbox. Then, click Sign Up button to complete your registration.


           Your registration has been successfully submitted, and the administrator will review your request.



           OpsNow administrator will either approve or deny your request. If it is approved, you will receive the confirmation email, and can login to OpsNow.


 For more information on how to use OpsNow, please contact us at





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